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Aug. 17th, 2009 @ 10:05 pm The Osborne Hotel in Newcastle, let me show you it (so you don't have to go there!!!)
Got back from holiday yesterday, and it was a terrific one; just me, the bike, and millions of Scottish sheep and cows (and the occasional B&B landlord). How to live like a hermit in Scotland for seven days...but I was able to do exactly what I wanted, whenever I wanted. Which involved an insane amount of cycling, because apart from having to see and do everything my tour guide had advised, there were some extras I needed to see (ring of standing stones, or the remains of the oldest church in Scotland, or a so-called otter pool without otters), and they all constituted at least a 15 mile detour. Whenever possible in the rain. Average cycling per day 35-45 miles, and the detailed report is to follow (so I don't forget, because for a place where 'nothing ever happens' I did manage to experience an insane amount, and I didn't even see the meteor shower!).
As the title suggest, this post is about my stay in the Osborne Hotel, and it was a very unfortunate end to an otherwise excellent holiday. There is nothing about this hotel that I can say that would shed ANY positive light on it; it was grim, extremely dirty (more on this later) with incompetent, unhelpful staff. The only good thing was that I managed to get a 'large whisky' (Glenmorangie) for 2.50 instead of five pounds, by acting shocked when I got charged a fiver for 'only one whisky'.
This was little compensation for THE PUBIC HAIR I FOUND IN MY BED, hidden between the sheets, or the hairs in the soap dish in the shower, or the mould on the strips next to the shower door, or the brown sheen in the toilet, or the water stain on the ceiling of the shower, or the shabbiness and disgusting state of the hotel in general.
Pictorial evidence not for the faint-hearted:

beware, pictures are disgusting.Collapse )

The worst thing was, that when I mentioned having found that hair in my bed, the receptionist just stared at me and said nothing. Two second silence, before she tried again to make me pay five pounds for the whisky. When I asked her if she wasn't going to react at all, she just said it was a matter for the chambermaid and the manager, and that she'd make a note and get the manager to call me on Tuesday. No apology, no hint of embarrassment, no sign that this was anything out of the ordinary.
I know that 45 pounds is a low rate these days, but even for that price, I would expect something a bit more civilised than what I found here.
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Oct. 27th, 2008 @ 05:08 pm Dammit!
Current Mood: bitchybitchy
Today was laundry day, so I put two loads in, and they're both done now, at precisely the time it starts hailing (and rain to come, probably). And my matchbox house hasn't even the room to hang up one load, let alone two. Fabulous.
The universe's way of ramming the point home that my holiday is now well and truly over? I get it, OK? Have been slaving over lesson plans for the worse part of the day already!
And my journal is now undead. Har har fabulous pre-halloween gag, guys!
Word of the day is therefore fabulous, as already used twice in this rant.
Moar lessons to plan, so a mercifully short rant, but I'll leave you with news that winter time is evil. And unnecessary in this modern era. Five o'clock dusk is preposterous! Making shorter days even shorter! It gets light an hour later, and dark an hour earlier. Where is the petition to abolish winter time?
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Sep. 19th, 2008 @ 10:03 pm Dragon egg
Current Mood: blahblah
starrose17 has come up with this new craze: dragon eggs. Of course I jumped on the bandwagon, and here it is!

Adopt one today!

And another two: Adopt one today! and Adopt one today!

Just for the record, it's mainly for the pretty pictures, and because they make nice-looking dragons.

In other news, my cat and I are both suffering from strep throat...which would be quite funny if it wasn't so painful. The animal has gone very hoarse, and never really melodious to begin with, she sounds as though she's smoked a pack today. It does mean that she gets pampered and snuggled and cuddled more than usual, but in a household of three cats feeding one only meat, and the other two dry food, without major fights breaking out is a challenge.
And now off to go get more lozenges (I hate lozenges! They're vile!)
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Sep. 7th, 2008 @ 09:18 pm Privacy matters
Again the commercial that makes my blood boil: 'carspotting'. There is a text service where you can enter a car's licence plate and it tells you how much it would cost (nice for second hand cars). There is one thing that puzzles me though: how does that service get its info without compromising car owners' privacy? As far as I'm aware licence plates are personal, and the fact that this information is available to the general public scares the living hell out of me. Yet another example of the sickness of modern society.
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Sep. 5th, 2008 @ 06:03 pm The land of the "free" and the home of the "brave"
Current Mood: crushedcrushed
I was thoroughly sickened this morning when I checked my friends' pages and found a link to the The Daily Kos with eye witness reports and video footage from the streets around the republican party convention in St. Paul. While it makes me profoundly grateful that I don't live in the US, the sight of police teargassing a man in a wheelchair is enough to have me livid for the entire day, and quite a few yet to come. And this is the pinnacle of the free western world? Whose influence governs all international politics, and who can overrule the UN with sickening ease? I knew they were rotten on the outside (or towards outsiders) but to treat your own citizens this way? Beyond repulsive.
And I pray to each and every God who will hear me that we don't have to see any more pictures on this site come November.
For all my flisters (and anyone else) who read this: please pass the link on, as it is highly likely that the mass media will not cover this (as also evidenced in the only mention of it being a supposed link (that turns out doesn't exist any more) in a Dutch newspaper, which had a two-page article about how women across the board in Holland admire Sarah Palin (making me wonder who the fuck they interviewed and where their collective brains are). And Dutch journos don't have anything to gain by keeping schtum...
So I have sent the link to GeenStijl.nl, which is the most likely candidate to post this.
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Aug. 26th, 2008 @ 10:43 pm Fail
Current Mood: blahblah
...and I didn't make ten o'clock because the kitten was slow in getting out of the tree. But I am proud of myself: I didn't panic, I didn't think I had to climb in to get her (as if! it was dark by then!) and I calmly stood underneath the tree and banged a spoon on a can of meat for what seemed like half an hour. And like all her predecessors, she can't resist the sound of the can. In more worrisome news, the tom was squinting again, and the last thing I need is another eye-infection in the family (having just cured the kitten of hers). Since he has problems with his tear ducts, this is potentially quite serious. Bugger. And because eleven is the new ten, I am dragging myself off to bed (mental clock is weird: I have been really sleepy since about 9.45 pm). Gah. Next week: alarm at six am sharp!
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Aug. 26th, 2008 @ 09:13 pm The end of an era
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
I just finished my last day at the book shop I have been working for the last seven years...and am struggling to let it sink in. It started as a student job, turned into a full time occupation for a while, and was an extra source of pocket money for the last year, when I made the step into education. And now I have to really commit to my career change, and hope I have chosen well. I am really going to miss the environment, and the weird and wonderful individuals who worked there. Especially Barry, with whom I had the most splendid Statler and Waldorf double act, where we'd gripe about everything that was wrong with the company, every Thursday. And the Fallic Gong, which we rang every time the pervy porn-addict came to buy his Big Butt magazines. It's been a marvellous break from reality, but time to move on now.
And speaking of moving on, there is this, my new recruit:

A kitten looking for a new home found a home looking for a new kitten! I just hope she doesn't end up dominating everything...although right now she has been chased up a tree by the neighbours' cat, and is caught at the top...and it's getting dark :O Fingers crossed!
In other news I have to get used to the new regime of getting up at six, so it's off to bed in half an hour (at ten!). Summer's truly over!
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Dec. 2nd, 2007 @ 10:04 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: amusedamused
Muahaha we're going to read Of Mice and Men in class from next week on, and I found this pictureFunny Pictures
on lolcat!
And wiki has this to say on the subject of mice and men, and popular culture...and I am a cretin, as I only knew that the 'hug him and squeeze him...' line was from a cartoon...
As I haven't read the book yet, I am now definitely curious!
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Oct. 31st, 2007 @ 03:19 pm Old news
Current Mood: amusedamused
Very belated, but oh! the possibilities...

funny cat picture
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Aug. 27th, 2007 @ 10:29 pm Pay it forward meme
Current Mood: contentcontent
Now I don't regularly participate in memes, but this looked like a nice thing to do...snagged it from lovely_slyth's blog, so it's only fair to post it in my own blog asap.

Pay It Forward: I will send a small handmade gift to the first 5 people who leave a comment here on my blog. I don’t yet know what that gift will be, but you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making a similar agreement on your blog.

*sits down and waits*
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