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10 October 1975
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As the username is a (clever?) play on the names of my original two kitties (the white one died a while back), 'catlover' belongs in the bio, as does HP and LOTR nut (H/D OTP!), and bookish geek (I used to work in a book shop after all).

I read English literature and linguistics at uni, specialising in accents in Celtic countries, and now teach English at a secondary school. Avidly follow: Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl (Macchiavelli for teens) and have recently discovered Glee.

When not behind the computer I play hockey (which in Europe means on a field, not on ice!) as goalkeeper, and I train a youth team. Occasionally go on re-enactment weekends (my group is based in 1205). We're called the Companions of Twilight (no, not that twilight) which is when the work is done and the revelry can begin (one word: mead). And I am trying to get through my massive collection of books, but don't often find the time.

Am a member of Hogwarts is Home, where I was sorted into Ravenclaw, and of Hogwarts Elite, where I made a last-term Gryffindor.